Scorn is a video game that was announced back in 2014, with a trailer showing pre-alpha footage but the game still hasn’t been released till yet. With the developers being dead silent for a very long time, fans had been wondering what happened to the game. Well, now we got some latest news which suggests that Scorn is finally coming to next-gen Xbox consoles and PC.

The developers of Scorn have made a partnership with Xbox recently which means it has been given huge funding as compared to the previous Kickstarter campaigns.  So, now finally after being in development for so long, the developers of the game have been able to create the vision they had in mind since the beginning and the game is scheduled to have a release date soon enough.

Since 2014, the game has changed so much in every aspect. The graphics are upgraded, new combat moves are added, animations improved and the environment now becomes even more creepy which truly represents the dark setting of this horror game.

Scorn was shown in Gamescom 2021 opening Night Live Event as an official Xbox Game pass game. Thanks to the power of Xbox Series X, S, and PC the game has upgraded so much in terms of visual quality and gameplay elements. The game is in the first-person mode and has the main protagonist which is a humanoid and not even a human. This game is soo well crafted in the horror genre that it doesn’t need jump scares to define its horrifying details as the hideous and scaring underground claustrophobic habitat coupled with the fearful and unnatural creatures of the underworld is enough to disturb anyone.

A Scorn title card was shown during an Xbox Game Pass advert, briefly showing a Fall 2021 release which implies that the game is coming this fall season. You can see the screenshot taken below:

Scorn gameplay

It is really great to see how Scorn has evolved from being a little indie project made by friends to a AAA quality game. Head over to Steam to learn more about the game. Check out the game latest footage running on Xbox Series S below:


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