If you are a fan of Cyberpunk 2077 or love futuristic games in general then there is a new post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk look-like game in town called ExeKiller. The game is in the first-person mode and has a story to tell. The genre of the ExeKiller is a retro-futuristic, single-player action-adventure game with western vibes.

ExeKiller Storyline

20 years prior to the main timeline of the game a great fire has occurred all around the world and has caused a mass extinction due to the disasters it brought on to humanity. Now only a few places on the earth are potentially habitable zones and around 30% of the humans are left. As you can imagine in that scenario, governments have failed and private corporations have taken control. Welcome to the New York in 1998 cyberpunk western world.

You are a bounty hunter in the futuristic world and have a job known as an “Exekiller”. Your main task is to collect biochip components called S.O.U.L.S which are used for gathering information about their owners and also control them. These chips are being produced and provided by the biggest corporations that now control the whole earth. In short, these chips are like the second most precious thing in the new world after the money.

As you know you will be playing as a bounty hunter, you will have many choices to make when playing the role. Your choices will shape how the story develops further in the game as well as the world around you. Each decision changes the narrative and also bounty hunts style.

Open World

The open world of the Exekiller is huge and different things to do. Each location has its own faction and variety of people. You will be given missions in the form of contracts from people you meet in the world of the game. There are diverse regions in the world ranging from deserts and canyons to deadly highways and radioactive fields.

Bounties are the people that have SOULS biochips in them which you need to give back to the people that pay you. You can kill them or spare them and it is up to you. But there will be consequences of your choices too later in the game. The player can take full advantage of the environment around him and the futuristic weapons and gadgets. There will be a day and night system with dynamic weather and radioactive sandstorms and much more. Check out the trailer below:

Release Date

The game is currently set to release only for PC. On steam, it shows “when ready” which means it will come when it will be ready. We will be covering more details once we get to know more in the future so be sure to visit our website daily.

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