At this year’s Gamescom event, we saw many gameplay trailers from previously announced games. Outbreak Island gameplay footage was one of them in which developers showed how we can play a survival game with detective elements.

Developers HypeTrain Digital along with publishers, Tiny Magicians revealed some new gameplay elements of the Outbreak Island in their latest trailer. HypeTrian Digital is an indie video game development company that has made some other unique indie games in the past. Some of their games like Wild Eight an open-world survival simulation video game, Stoneshard a challenging turn-based RPG set in an open world, and Desolate which is yet another open-world survival game represent their work. So, making survival-based open-world games are kind of their thing.

Background Story

Outbreak Island is a survival game with detective elements. It gives the story of Detective Howard Chapman who ends up on a devastated island because of a mysterious event that drove the population of Erslen Island insane. The game is set in an open world based on an uninhabited island which is not so empty when you get to know the game. According to the narrator in the trailer, the island is deserted, and the main character hasn’t met anyone yet. But by judging the signs and man-made structures he is convinced that there are traces of human presence on it. The protagonist has to gather supplies and explore the island with flash photography. He has to do hunting for food. He says while recording a message for someone that the island is sometimes beautiful but he doesn’t trust this place. At the end of the message recording he said, I am ready now and I will get us out of here.

Outbreak Island Gameplay

In the trailer, we can see that the main focus of the game is surviving the horrors of the Island with some investigation skills. The character will be able to use firearms too like the handgun seen in the trailer. He can find and customize some new melee weapons. He can make and arrange his camp in different locations on the island as the story progresses. The player can build shelter homes in different locations and customize them. Hunting small animals for food and sometimes be hunted by predators too as you can see a bear chasing the player in the trailer. The player can swim underwater. There will be dark basements and buildings where your flashlight with a camera will be handy to see the creators in the dark. The camera can record videos and take pictures of the island. You can also set the camera in remote areas and control it with your phone. That will record the activity of the monsters.

Horrors of the Island

According to the trailer, there are mutated, zombie-like humans, attacking the character. So, our best bet is that there was an experiment that probably has gone wrong due to the testing labs’ exploration which we saw in the trailer. Maybe that turned almost every resident of the island into living dead. And there were some wild animals too which the player will have to watch out for. You can watch the gameplay reveal trailer for yourself below:

Release Date

The game has no official release date yet and it will be releasing for PC only.

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