Vigilance 2099 is a brand new upcoming open-world cyberpunk game filled with neon lights and dark alleys. If you are a fan of open-world futuristic games then you might want to check out the Vigilance 2099 details and screenshots on steam.

The game is currently in development on Unreal Engine 5. The cyberpunk world is exploding with ambient lights and there is a feeling of advanced technological atmosphere in every part of the city. The game is in development by a very small indie team. Developers go by the name Envoidant Studios and the game publisher is Behemoth Interactive. They are particularly known for their comics and graphics novels with Ubisoft and Netflix. Now the game will go for a Kickstarter route. The game is inspired by the Blade Runner movie and canceled Prey 2 game.

The city is named ‘Prey City’ by the locals. The player is an ex-police officer and due to certain reasons has led him into a crime-filled city. The protagonist will now hunt down bounties either dead or alive by using his certain set of skills for payment. You will be able to chase, parkour around the city and use your detective skills to track down targets. You will have options when doing missions like kill the target, spare it in exchange for advanced weapons, gear, or even more money. It is all up to you, but your choices will have consequences later on in the game. They are also testing a Nemesis system(just like the Shadow of War games) for bounties in the game.

Vigilance 2099 Gameplay

The game can be played both in the third person and first person though the game is originally made for third-person experience. Take your vehicle to the air and soar through the mega city and towering skyscrapers. There are various takedown animations, player can take cover during gun fighting, climb to the small building roofs. AI of the NPC’s is also very good. They just don’t blindly shoot at you. The devs are creating an AI system that reacts randomly according to the situation so they feel more realistic.

There is the customization of body parts involved just like Cyberpunk 2077. The game allows the complete replacement of body parts with robotic parts. But it comes with its pros and cons such as strengths and unique takedowns but it will slow down the movement in combat and running. The player if choosing to replace all body parts then he will become essentially an android and will completely lose emotional dialogue options in the game permanently. The player after that can no longer switch back to the flesh.

There will be both player and vehicle customization in the game. You can change the outfits and purchase the vehicles in the game. You can watch the gameplay teaser below:


Be sure to support the developers and check out the game on Steam. If you like a futuristic post-apocalyptic western-style first-person open-world cyberpunk game then check out the ExeKiller. If you like our content then please follow our Facebook and Twitter for daily gaming content.


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